Writing for Wellbeing (or Therapeutic & Reflective Writing)

Therapeutic and reflective writing is another resource or tool that can be used to help us shift our perspective and get things out of heads and onto the page.  
With only a few basic rules, sessions consist of a few writing exercises using prompts to help focus, relax, soothe, empower and surprise you.   
Have a rant on the page, release difficult emotions and/or focus on the positives. There’s no wrong way to do this.
You don’t have to be a writer, or be any good at writing in general. And you can write in whatever language comes naturally to you. 
There’s no requirement to share your words. It can remain between you and the page. You’ll be encouraged to talk about the exercise in a reflective way. It’s about the process not the content.
Fancy giving it a try? Contact me about individual time or join a group session coming soon.